Why you need Girlfriend Visa to USA?


The bride-to-be visa (K1 visa) is an American visa readily available to a foreign national that wants to wed an US person. The KI visa supplies numerous benefits to the possible future wife including:

o Can obtain K2 visas released for his/her youngsters

o Can obtain a job license

o Smaller waiting period than other marriage based, immigration visa petitions.

Before the future wife (beneficiary) can request a K1 visa to the USA, the United States person (petitioner) to whom he/she is engaged need to place an application (USCIS Form I-129F) on his/her behalf, with the USCIS (United State Citizenship and Immigration Service). The petitioner has to have evidence of US citizenship and send it to the USCIS when asked to. The accepted petition is forwarded to the American Consular Office, where the international future wife would obtain the necessary directions and kinds to apply for a K1 visa.

Investment Visa to USA

A K1 visa requires that the applicant and the petitioner need to be legitimately totally free to marry, both under the legislations of the United States as well as under the regulations of the foreign country. They should have met each other in person within the two years preceding the declaring of the unusual fiancée application. This problem might be waived in certain unique situations. Once the future wife has gone into the United States, he/she should marry the possible partner within 90 days.

At the time of obtaining a future wife visa, the future wife must send records such as a legitimate ticket, birth certificate, proof of legitimacy of partnership with petitioner, proof that petitioner will certainly sustain the fiancée, and clinical certificate apply for visa to usa. A fiancée located eligible will be released a visa that is valid for a single access during a six month period.

K1 visas will certainly not be released to fiancées that

o Are not eligible to be United States people

o Have committed major criminal acts

o Are druggie

o Have an infectious disease

o Have some serious psychological or physical problem

o Have made use of unlawful ways to arrive to the United States

As soon as married, the beneficiary needs to put in an application to the USCIS to establish a document of access for conditional long-term house standing, and this condition can be gotten rid of after two years with a further application to the USCIS.

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