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Kenya’s Bashir Dawood Youth Employment Challenge


The youth of Kenya, involve the Ages of ten and twenty-four number 12, 200, 000, or 35 percent of the nation’s population according to the Population Reference Bureau. Atieno Ndomo, a Kenyan political and social market analyst states, Kenya sits on a time bomb of youth unemployment, marginalization, and contemptible tokenistic therapy. Ndomo reported that 61 percent of Kenya’s youth are unemployed. He says that many of the young that are employed would be the ‘working poor’, who labor under deplorable conditions in temporary jobs. Most Kenyan government plans only offer hope of temporary employment which does not address the long term ailment. Ndomo concludes that decent employment opportunities need to be at the core of national social and economic policy design.

Employment Challenge

Many of Kenya’s disgruntled Youth were in the forefront of this violence following Kenya’s contested 2007 elections. As a response the authorities initiated the Youth Enterprise Development Fund and Kazi kwa Vijana to train and employ youth between the ages 18 to 35. The programs only led to temporary jobs and failed to be a long-term solution. According to the Woodrow Wilson International Center these low-paying jobs may also trap people in poverty, making violence and crime look like the only viable exit. Kenya’s youth, confront the Country-wide problem of having among the maximum inflation to income inequality in the world. Prices continue to increase while salaries remain constant. This situation begs for more attention.

On top of the economic wows, Kenya’s youth face widespread corruption, especially in the kind of bribery that mitigates against their procuring jobs. According to a study by that appeared in the African Studies Quartery in 2010, the average urban Kenyan hands-on 16 bribes per month, with 99 percent of bribes given to government ministries workers, local officials, and state companies. In an environment of these bashir dawood pervasive corruption, little is likely to change any time soon. The modern socio-economic situation Saddles Kenyan youth using a novel challenge of carving out their own employment functions were for hundreds of years the nation’s ethnic groups supplied rites of passage that included bestowing working roles on the childhood passing into adulthood. They vie with older adults for employment. There’s absolutely not any such rite of passage into employment now.


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